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The Director of the National Group for Operational Oceanography is Professor Nadia Pinardi.



The Governing Council is the decision-making body of GNOO.  The Director is Professor Nadia Pinardi, University of Bologna. The Council is composed as follow:

Two internal INGV members: Dr Simona Masina CMCC-INGV and Dr Paolo Favali, INGV-Roma2;

Three external members: Dr. Giuseppe Manzella, ENEA; Dr. Alessandro Crise, OGS; Dr. Mariangela Ravaioli, CNR-ISMAR;

A representative from the funding institution: Dr. Corrado Clini, Italian Ministery for Environment and Territory, Research and Sustainable Development Division (Substitute: Dr Giuliana Gasparrini).

The GNOO Governing Council also refers to Adjoint Members who may bring to completion the national co-ordination of their operational oceanographic activities. Any given Joint Member’s participation to the Governing Council is approved by the Governing Council through the drawing-up of a participation agreement between the parties. The Joint Members are:

  • USAM, represented by Gen. Cundari;

  • Istituto Idrografico della Marina, represented by Comandante Nobili;

  • ARPA Emilia Romagna, represented by Dr. Deserti;

  • CONISMA, represented by Prof. Zambianchi, Università Parthenope of Napoli;

  • CNR-ISSIA, represented by Dr. Bozzano;

  • CNR-IAMC, represented by Dr. Sorgente;

  • Comando generale del Corpo delle capitanerie di porto, represented by Comandante Mancini.

Moreover the official admission of ISPRA to GNOO is going to be finalized.

The GNOO Governing Council refers to the scientific advice of a Scientific Committee that formulates a comprehensive research and development plan in order to achieve the objectives of GNOO. The co-ordinator of the Scientific Committee is Dr. Rosalia Santoleri of ISAC-CNR, who participates to the GNOO Council meetings in this capicity.

GNOO has established the participation of external personalities to the Governing Council, thereby allowing a better co-ordination with national and international activities. External personalities will be invited to the Council meetings.
The GNOO Council has invited the Director of the Board of MERCATOR -Ocean, Dr François Gérard, as external personality.

Chair person of the  Scientific Committee is Dr. Rosalia Santoler, ISAC-CNR. The Scientific Committee is composed by:

  1. ISMAR-CNR: Annalisa Griffa - Modelling and Lagrangian Methods;

  2. ENEA: Vincenzo Artale - Hydrodynamic Modelling;

  3. ISMAR-CNR: Enrico Arneri - Applications of  Operational Oceanography to Fishing;

  4. IAMC-CNR: Giuseppe Zappalà - Operational Oceanography Technological Innovation;

  5. IAMC-CNR: Roberto Sorgente - Forecast Modelling;

  6. ISSIA-CNR: Roberto Bozzano - Monitoring Systems;

  7. UNI-TUSCIA: Marco Marcelli - Operational Oceanography Technological Innovation;

  8. UPM-ULR CoNISMa: Nello Russo - Hydrodynamic Modelling;

  9. ISMAR-CNR Fabio Raicich - Modelling and Data Assimilation;

  10. OGS: Pierre Marie Poulain - Monitoring and Observational Systems;

  11. ARPA-EMR: Stefano Tibaldi - Operational Meteorology;

  12. CONISMA (UNI.BO): Marco Zavatarelli - Coastal Ecological Modelling;

  13. LBM-TS: Serena Fonda Umani - Marine Ecosystems;

  14. CMCC: Marcello Vichi - Global Ecological Modelling;

  15. ISDGM-CNR: Sandro Carniel - Coastal Modelling;

  16. TECNOMARE: Walter Prendin - Operational Oceanography Technological Innovation;

  17. TELESPAZIO: Marcello Maranesi - Remote-Sensing Products.

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