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This site contains information about a collaborative work between INGV (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia) and NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) to produce climatological estimates of air-sea fluxes over the Mediterranean Sea, starting from ERA-40 products, adjusted to match the long term mean values of the heat budget  and water balance.

The data set described here is given on the native ERA-40 grid which is at the resolution of  1.125 degrees in longitude and 1.121 in latitude starting from (LONG, LAT)=(-19.125, 28.598) and from January 1958 to December 2001.

The 1958-2001 average for each heat flux component is:

Heat flux components: (W m-2)     Water flux components: (m yr-1)
Net short wave radiation 182     Evaporation -1.20
Net long wave radiation -79     Precipitation 0.51
Latent heat -93     Net water flux -0.69
Sensible heat -14        
Net total heat flux         -4        

The methodology is explained in the paper by Pettenuzzo et al. (2010) to be found in the REFERENCES page and more information can be found in README.pdf .

Type of data: Monthly climatology, monthly mean
Month/Year: (Jan, Feb,…..) / (1958….2001)
Fields: Short Wave Radiation,  Long wave Radiation, Latent Heat Flux, Sensible Heat Flux, Evaporation, Precipitation

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