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Open Position at SOCIB - Observing and Forecasting Systems based in the Balearic Islands

Leader for the Data Center facility

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Please Note : MOON activities have terminated and they are now inserted within the new MONGOOS network. MOON web page is now working as a service for MONGOOS for few months in 2013.

Core Services  
  Ocean Nowcasting/Forecasting Centers
    Mediterranean Ocean Forecasting System - MFS
    Mediterranean Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting System - Myocean
    Mercator Ocean
    Poseidon Ocean Forecast
    Adriatic Sea
    Sicily Channel Forecasting System
    Western Mediterranean Forecasting System
    Oristano Coastal Waters Forecasting System
    Tyrrhenian Sea Forecasting system
    Alermo Forecasting
    Southeastern Levantine Shelf Model
    Cyprus Coastal Forecasting and Observing System
    ROSARIO-II Malta Shelf Forecast
    ESEOO circulation forecast system
    Puertos del Estado Sea level forecast system (Nivmar)
    PREVIMER coastal observations and forecasts
    Cilician Basin Forecasting System
    Northern Levantine Forecasting System
    OPA-BFM ecosystem forecast
  Mediterranean Atmospheric Forecast
    Mediterranean atmospheric forecast
    Mediterranean dust forecast
  Observational System Components
    Mediterranean Volunteer Observing Ship Program
    Satellite SST and Color
    Satellite Altimetry
    Cretean Sea Buoy
    Adriatic Sea Buoy
    Ligurian Sea Buoy
    MedGOOS-3 Ocean Observatory Station
    Puertos del Estado observational real-time networks
    Mediterranean Surface drifter program
    Mediterranean Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting System - Cal/Val - MyOcean
Downstream Services
    MEDSLIK-II oil spill model
    UVT User Visualization Tool
    FOS Fishery Observing System
    Seasonal probability dispersion maps from numerical models
    Mediterranean adjusted heat fluxes
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