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Open Position at SOCIB - Observing and Forecasting Systems based in the Balearic Islands

Leader for the Data Center facility

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Please Note : MOON activities have terminated and they are now inserted within the new MONGOOS network. MOON web page is now working as a service for MONGOOS for few months in 2013. 


MOON operational partners have set up a governance system built on the Data Exchange Agreement (DEA). The DEA has the aim of harmonising and securing the flow of data within this network in order to deliver regular and systematic products on the state of the Mediterranean Sea and its sub-regional areas.


MOON DEA partners: INGV, MERCATOR OCEAN,  IFREMER, CNRS-POC,  CNR/IAMC-OR, University of Athens, HCMR, IOLR, Cyprus Oceanography Center, University of Malta – Physical Oceanography Unit, ENEA-Santateresa, OGS, CNR-IAMC, NIB and LIM-UPC.

DEA Chairperson is Dr. George Zodiatis, Oceanography Centre, University of Cyprus.



DEA can be downloaded here. DEA catalogue is included in DEA Annex B. 


Any MOON Member that would like to join the DEA should follow the instruction below:

A.    Membership Requirements.

1.    The DEA requires all Partners to have:
(a)     an operational or pre-operational system in the Mediterranean Sea; and
(b)     a proven capacity to provide its data on a sustainable and continuous basis.
2.    All new members must be “agreed among the Partners”.
B.       Proposing the Candidate.
1.    The candidate expresses initial interest to the chairperson, who provides the candidate with a copy of the DEA for review and approval and a description of the supporting documents it will need to submit under B.2 below.
2.    The candidate formally requests consideration by sending the chairperson the following supporting documents:
(a)    A letter of interest, which may include how it meets the criteria for participation described in A.1 above; and
(b)    A detailed description of the data it will make available, following the format in Annex B of the DEA (the chairman may want to provide the candidate with a template for this purpose).
3.    The chairman sends the proposal and supporting documents to the Partners for consideration and takes a vote via e-mail or other written  means.

C.    Adding the New Partner.

1.    If the Partners agree, the chairman sends the DEA for signature. The new Partner signs the signature page and returns it to the chairman, who passes it on to INGV for safekeeping.

2.    The chairman updates the DEA PDF signature file, Annex A and Annex B with the new Partner’s information and distributes to all Partners. 


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